Monday, September 11, 2017

Middle School Students Learn to Develop Mobile Apps

DevKit from Vybe Software

Vybe's kit DevKit teaches all of the important logic, concepts, procedures, and terminology. Check it out ! that will make learning your first coding language easier than ever before.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Data Integration - Pure and Simple with EDIS.IO

Integrate all your district data and then take action with EDIS

EDIS is a K12 data system that's modern, powerful, and easy to use — it provides actionable data insights, early-warnings, assessments, interventions, and many other packages. All in one place.

Long Rising Tide

"We expect a long rising tide rather than an avalanche, and as such, we need to manage our expectations accordingly," explained Benjamin Vedrenne-Cloquette, Co-Founder, EdTechXGlobal. "We estimate that the speed of digitisation in education will be up to five times slower than has been seen in other sectors, due primarily to the increased number of gate keepers involved in digital transition decisions, teachers, institutions, governing bodies, districts and policy makers amongst a few".

Market Watch on EdTech